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8:04 a.m. - 2008-11-13
I feel like Paul Rudd in KnockedUp.
I hate 90% of everything I do.
I just want to fuck off and do mushrooms alone in another country.
I want to go to the Crisp family in ontario and tell that kids parents their fucked. They wouldnt let an 11 year old play Call of Duty 4, so he ran away, fell out of a tree and died.
We should be killing our parents like kids in the congo. they are just dated versions of us.
We have evolved.

Why are we still listening to these old fucks? these dumb old cunt women and piss brain old men. They make our rules and cant figure out how to use a computer. Why dont we just take them over? 10 of us vs 100 old men. it would be like fighting zombies. frail old fucks.

Im so bored. I live with my girlfriend, Im 21.

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